New Global Data Modelling Facility

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Have you ever wondered where we, as a hominid species, really came from, or what the climate was at your home town 200 million years ago, etc., etc.?  You are invited to view my new Global Data Modelling Facility at:

and my explanatory website at:, both of which are interconnected. This new facility is interactive and uses a series of spherical models of the Earth, extending from the present-day back to the beginning of the Archaean, to display published global geoscientific data. This Modelling Facility is ongoing and data currently completed includes global geology based on the Geological Map of the World (CGMW & UNESCO 1990), palaeomagnetic data, geography, and a selection of palaeontological (fossil) data based on the published Palaeobiology Database. Work currently in progress includes metals, coal, oil and gas resources – these will be available in coming months. Please visit this Data Modelling Facility, like it, share with friends and colleagues, and get back to me with comments or suggestions as required.


James Maxlow (PhD)
Retired Professional Geologist

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